Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association

To provide scholarships for undergraduate or graduate students from Alakanuk, Emmonak, Grayling, Kotlik, Mountain Village, and Nunam Iqua attending the University of Alaska. Applicant must be a long-term resident of one of the six member villages of Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association for a period of sixty consecutive months at any time prior to application. During this 60-month period, absences for up to 45 consecutive days in any twelve month period are allowable. Excusable absences for more then 45 days include: incarceration for more than 45 days, attending boarding school for high school educational purposes, military service, participation in YDFDA scholarship, employment & training programs, participating in a state foster program, or for individual or family medical reasons.

Requirements: born in Alaska; a resident of Alaska; a full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate student attending any campus of the University of Alaska; minimum GPAs: freshman – 2.0, sophomore – 2.25, juniors and seniors – 2.5, graduate – 2.5 Recipient should demonstrate motivation, and academic and leadership potential.