EVOKE-ative Writing Scholarship

Evoke Strategy LLC (“Evoke Strategy”) is a leading PR and digital marketing firm in Tampa, Florida. Their professionalism, dedication to customers, and knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing allow them to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow and expand.

They are dedicated to being experts in their field, in terms of servicing their clients’ needs and providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. In line with this, they will do their part to usher in the next generation of professional writers. To help do so, Evoke Strategy is offering an annual Five Hundred Dollar ($500) scholarship to one (1) U.S. undergraduate student studying English, writing or public relations. Will it be you?

They want to see how you’re making a mark on the world. In order to apply, submit your most evocative writing or undergraduate work from the past year—a project, study, or paper—it’s up to you to determine your submission. Just show them your best work!

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