Anchorage Pioneers Home Nursing Scholarship

The Anchorage Pioneers Home Nursing Scholarship promotes education in nursing by providing funds for individuals seeking an undergraduate degree in nursing; this fund specifically seeks to provide support for residents of the State of Alaska who plan a nursing career focused on meeting the health care needs of Alaska’s elders. This fund is to offer financial assistance for tuition, registration, fees, books, and related educational expenses to a University of Alaska Anchorage nursing student enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits working toward a degree in nursing.

Requirements: be a University of Anchorage student who has declared a major in nursing working toward a nursing degree; intend to care for Alaska’s elders; be enrolled in a minimum of 9 credits; be a resident of Alaska for 3 years; minimum GPA of 2.5. Preference for students who plan a career working with elders and who are or have been employees of the Pioneer’s Home system

Keywords: University of Alaska Anchorage; UAA; College of Health (COH); Nursing

Minimum of $500
Campus and Colleges
College of Health, UAA
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your experience with and/or future intent to serve the Alaska Native Community.
  2. Have you been an Alaska resident for at least 3 years?
  3. Have you been employed by the Pioneer's Home system?
  4. Briefly explain how you plan to serve the elder population during your nursing profession: