Jake Poole Family Student-Athlete Summer Scholarship

The Jake Poole Family Student-Athlete Summer Scholarship supports academically eligible and otherwise qualifying student-athletes who take summer session courses at UAF in order to assist them in their goal of earning a degree. All aid will be awarded pursuant to applicable NCAA and Department of Athletics rules and regulations. The summer aid may (but will not necessarily) include tuition, required fees, and housing. This summer aid is available only to cover credits required for graduation; it cannot be used to retake a class that has previously been completed; it cannot be used to get eligible for the upcoming academic semester. In all but the most extreme cases, student-athletes accepting this aid do so with an understanding that they will have to pay for all courses and associated costs up front in order to enroll. After their summer grades are posted, scholarship funds will be released for courses in which the student-athlete earns a qualifying grade, as defined by Department of Athletics policy.

Requirements: must apply for summer aid and enroll in summer classes at UAF for the credits approved pursuant to the application policy; an undergraduate with athletic eligibility remaining; minimum GPA of 2.0, both cumulatively and in the most recent semester; be academically eligible to compete in the fall semester without enrolling in summer classes.

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