McKinley ADSAIL Scholars

The McKinley ADSAIL Scholars award provides financial assistance toward tuition to students enrolled in a University of Alaska internship course and placed to work on data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) related projects at McKinley Capital Management, LLC in Anchorage, Alaska.

Requirements: Must be a resident of Alaska; enrolled full-time; a University of Alaska system student who has completed Data Structures and Algorithms with a B or higher, with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.

**If selected as a Scholar, the recipient must agree to the requirements of the McKinley Capital Management, LLC’s “Student Researcher Understanding,” which include passing a mandatory drug test and executing the following agreements: Confidentiality, Non-disclosure; and compliance with a code of ethical standards; prior to working on site at McKinley Capital Management, LLC. (Students are also subject to additional random drug testing while working at McKinley Capital’s offices.)

Minimum $1,000
Campus and Colleges
College of Business and Public Policy, College of Engineering, UAF College of Engineering and Mines, UAF School of Management