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Paul G. Landis Art Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Paul G. Landis was born in Chicago in 1933 and graduated from California State University in Hayward, California, with a degree in math. He moved to Anchorage in 1970 where he taught math at Fort Richardson, Dimond High School and Wendler Middle School. He bought Arti-Circle Framing and Restoration in 1979, which specializes in custom picture framing, treating framing as an art form itself.

Mr. Landis has built a reputation for his skill in art restoration, making old paintings look like new. He studied in northern California, Italy and Amsterdam. He received certification from the Academy of Professional Art Conservation in 1985.

An accomplished calligrapher, he has taught the art for many years. For several years he agreed to teach calligraphy if his students made a donation to KAKM Channel 7. Kim Ketchum practices the art of calligraphy at Arti-Circle. KAKM has awarded Mr. Landis over the years for his support of the arts and his many years of volunteerism. Mr. Landis spent six years on the Mayor’s Art Advisory Committee deciding on the “1% for Art” grants.

Presently, Ava Richardson is continuing Mr. Landis’s work at Arti-Circle, which was purchased in July 2008 by Ms. Richardson and Kim Ketchum. The Paul G. Landis Art Scholarship was created as a retirement gift from Ms. Ketchum and Ms. Richardson. It reflects Mr. Landis’ interest in promoting the arts, which came from his 28 years of working with some of Alaska’s best-loved artists, including Byron Birdsall, Courtenay Birdsall Clifford, Marie Shaughnessy, Paul Steucke, Betty Atkinson, Kathleen Dumphy, Suzanne Bach, Michelle Suchland, Susan Ellis, Mark McDermott, Harry Henthorn, Carol Stolpe, Marvin Mangues, Jimmy Tompkins, Kim Marcucci, Ayse Gilbert, Libby Hatton, Andy Sonneborn and the late Sam Kimura. Mr. Kimura became Mr. Landis’ inspiration when he taught him the beauty of black and white photography at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where he taught photography.

Photo: Paul Landis admires a piece with artist Byron Birdsall.


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