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Everts Air Alaska and Everts Air Cargo

The Fairbanks-based family and companies desire to further develop the aviation community in Alaska wherever they can, but especially in Fairbanks. They have donated equipment in support of aviation training and development programs within Alaska. Their vision in creating scholarships at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is to further invest in the community and to develop the next generation of the workforce.

Tatonduk Outfitters Limited is the parent corporation for Everts Air Alaska and Everts Air Cargo, owned and operated by Robert W. Everts. Everts Air Alaska was formerly known as Tatonduk Flying Service. Tatonduk was established in 1978 in the village of Eagle. Everts Air Alaska is a Part 135 airline based in Fairbanks, providing cargo and passenger service to interior Alaska. Everts Air Fuel is a Part 125 Air Operator owned and operated by Clifford R. Everts. Everts Air Fuel transports fuel by air to communities in Interior and South Central Alaska.

Everts Air Cargo and Everts Air Fuel specialize in serving the unique needs of their customers who reside not only in the larger Alaskan cities, but also in remote communities/villages. Their fleet of aircraft compliments their mission as some of the aircraft are especially well-suited to land on shorter, unimproved gravel or ice runways. Everts Air Cargo’s primary business is transporting freight and mail while Everts Air Fuel tankers fuel. The employees and pilots for both organizations are experts in loading and transporting the resources that build and support Alaska.

Everts Air Cargo and Everts Air Alaska have maintained their corporate offices in Fairbanks because it is home.


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