Crowley Marine Services

For more than a century, Crowley has been an icon in the fishing industry. Their values — safety, integrity, high performance, and sustainability — have led to the growth from a mom and pop shop to an international corporation. “Crowley has grown from a one-man operation, armed with nothing more than one Whitehall rowboat and a vision, to a worldwide marine, transportation and logistics services provider through their consistent performance and stellar reputation… Currently, Crowley Maritime Corporation is a U.S.-owned and -operated marine solutions, transportation and logistics company providing services in domestic and international markets through six operating lines of business: Puerto Rico/Caribbean liner services; Latin America liner services; logistics; marine contract solutions; deep sea petroleum transportation; and petroleum transportation, distribution and sales in Alaska.” (

Crowley has a long history of environmentally responsible practices ahead of their time in many respects. For example, the Crowley Safety in Towing Handbook, published 20 years before the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, contains operational procedures to prevent spills that many years later became law. This early interest in keeping harbors and oceans clean has developed into a strong company culture of environmental stewardship. Today, Crowley’s tradition of eco-stewardship continues with focusing on greener technology, using more environmentally friendly operations and joining partnerships to help build a greener planet. Crowley’s environmental initiatives have been recognized by several prestigious government organizations. The Crowley Scholarship is another example of their efforts to preserve the bountiful ocean that has provided Crowley and its associates with so much prosperity.

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