Blake Nunemann Memorial Scholarship

Blake Nunemann was born in Fairbanks, where he was raised by his parents, Paul and Katrina. Growing up, he played baseball, football, and soccer. His other hobbies included paintballing, target shooting, playing video games, learning about military history, reading science fiction books, photography, writing short stories and spending time with his friends and family. He dreamed of traveling through Germany someday.

Since he was little, Blake wanted to be a marine biologist, and in 2006 he attended the San Diego SEACAMP with his brother, Kyle. Blake loved being a college student at UAF and working in the fisheries department. He was a sophomore, working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in fisheries, when he passed away in 2009. The Blake Nunemann Memorial Scholarship celebrates Blake’s life and his love for fisheries, and encourages young scientists at the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences to broaden their understanding of the field.

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