Scott and Comco

Anonymous in memory of Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson (1/12/69-5/1/14) was born in Fairbanks but raised in Tok, hunting and fishing with his family. In second grade he told his parents, Bud and Pam Johnson, that he was going to be an Alaska State Trooper, and he never wavered from that goal.

Scott was an outstanding athlete and wrestling was his passion. He started wrestling when he was five and proved to be exceptional. In junior high, he was ranked as one of the top wrestlers in the nation and represented Alaska at Western Regionals in Idaho, placing first. In high school, he was a four-time regional champion and a two-time state champion. He met his wife, Brandy, in high school.

Scott attended Southern Oregon State College, where he was a two-time Regional Champion and a two-time All-American wrestler. He volunteered as a reserve police officer for the city of Ashland, Oregon and had a summer job as a cadet for the Oregon State Police. Scott gave up his final year of athletic eligibility, where he was ranked a number one National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics wrestler, to begin his law enforcement career.

After receiving his B.S. in criminology in 1991, Scott returned to Alaska and was hired with the Department of Public Safety in Barrow as a police officer. While in Barrow, he also coached wrestling. In 1993, he was hired by the Alaska State Troopers and stationed in Fairbanks. The following year, he married Brandy. Their first home was in North Pole, where Scott assisted with the wrestling team at North Pole High School. Scott and Brandy had three daughters, Hayly, Hana and Halene. During this time, he and his wife designed and built their second home together in Fairbanks.

As an Alaska State Trooper, Scott set very high standards for himself and led from the front and not the rear. After graduating as valedictorian of his recruit class he was assigned to Fairbanks patrol. He was involved with the Special Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) for 19 years and was a K-9 handler, instructor and coordinator. He trained at least 33 dual purpose and/or drug detection canine teams throughout Alaska. Scott also worked in the Alaska Bureau of Investigation and at the age of 36 was promoted to sergeant. First, he oversaw patrol shift and later transferred to the Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement.

Scott earned at least 43 letters of commendation, including two commendations for honorable service during his career. Scott was killed in the line of duty on May 1, 2014. He had served the State of Alaska for 23 years.

Scott’s professional affiliations included Life Member of the National Rifleman’s Association, Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers, National Tactical Officer’s Association, and the Alaska Peace Officers Association.

Scott’s passion was hunting on the Yukon River with his family and friends. He also enjoyed fishing and spending time outdoors in Alaska.

The Scott Johnson Memorial Scholarship is modeled after Scott, with the goal of benefiting students who emulate Scott’s love of the outdoors, his devotion to his family, and his dedication to his profession and community. The endowment was created to honor his long record of service, his life, and his sacrifice. Through this scholarship, his name will live forever in our hearts and minds.


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