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Alice Easley Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Alice Easley was a much loved teacher and humanist who served as a member of the University of Alaska Anchorage mathematics faculty from 1987 to 1997.

She was known for her brilliant conversation, her love of books and her deep sense of compassion. Easley believed in saying “yes” to life and encouraged others to approach academic and personal obstacles as opportunities for growth and lifelong learning.

As a teacher, she was known for her dedication to the needs of nontraditional students, especially students with dependent children. These students were drawn to Easley for her knowledge of mathematics as well as her wise counsel.

As a single parent, Easley raised five children while pursuing her academic career. She thus understood the joys and challenges faced by her adult students.

The Alice Easley Memorial Scholarship was established to recognize and reward UAA students who, like Easley, demonstrate a devotion to both family and learning.


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