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Al Bramstedt Jr. Journalism Endowed Scholarship

Born on Sept. 13, 1950, Al Bramstedt Jr. hails from Fairbanks, Alaska and grew up around broadcasting from the age of 4 thanks to his father who worked as a broadcaster. In 1967, Bramstedt worked at KENI Radio and KENI Channel 2 (now KTUU-TV) and realized the importance of working for a station that produced valuable news and reported the truth. Bramstedt was a student at the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1970-1974, majoring in Business Administration. Later, he became involved with the journalism department.

Upon retiring from broadcasting in 2009, Bramstedt saw the importance of journalism at UAA and wanted to encourage this industry to grow, so he created the Al Bramstedt Jr. Journalism Endowed Scholarship.

Through this scholarship, Bramstedt hopes to communicate to recipients that truth in journalism is essential. By giving to this scholarship, you help recipients continue working in the journalism field, succeed in obtaining an excellent education and aid in the continuation of the truth in broadcasting and reporting.


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